PSA Bosch EDC17C60 Immo

Manufacturer: PSA

Brand: Bosch

Model: EDC17C60

Function: Immo off, immo virgin

Emulator: No

Some Bosch numbers:

  • 0281030544
  • 0281031043
  • 0281031327
  • 0281031864
  • 0281031886

The immobilizer system on your PSA Bosch EDC17C60 is a pain. Well, not really a pain as much as a really annoying piece of your car’s security system that you can’t do anything about. We know the feeling, and we’ve got the solution with CK Decode: our Bosch EDC17C60 immo off online service will cut through all of those pesky immobilizers and make sure you’re back on the road in no time.