Renault – Dacia – Nissan Bosch EDC17CP19 Immo

Bosch EDC17CP19 Immo

Manufacturer: Renault – Dacia – Nissan

Brand: Bosch

Model: EDC17CP19

Function: Immo off, Immo virgin

Emulator: No

Immo off EDC17CP19 Bosch

The Bosch EDC17CP19 is an advanced Engine Control Unit (ECU) designed to optimize the performance of diesel engines. It controls critical functions such as fuel injection, ignition timing, and emissions management. This ECU is vital for maintaining efficient engine operation, reducing emissions, and ensuring compliance with environmental regulations.

The immobilizer in the EDC17CP19 is a crucial security feature that prevents unauthorized starting of the engine. By requiring a specific key or electronic code, it helps deter theft and unauthorized use. However, there are instances where disabling the immobilizer, or performing an “immo off,” is necessary, such as when replacing a damaged ECU or for certain racing applications.

How to immo off EDC17CP19 Bosch

CK Decode is an immo off online software solution. It offers a straightforward process for performing an immo off on the EDC17CP19. Here’s how to use CK Decode:

  • Download CKDecode through this link
  • Click on the Functions Tab and select RENAULT/DACIA/NISSAN – Bosch – EDC17CP19 – Immo off
  • Read the MCU ID
  • Do a full read with your interface and upload the file
  • Click Process button
  • Write the file processed by CKDecode